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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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About Our Products and Services
Selecting a System
  Why do you have so many different types of systems? 
How do I pick a system?

There are many different quiz competition formats across the country -- there is no "one size fits all."  Therefore, we've developed several generic formats to satisfy the differing needs of our customers.

When picking a new system, we recommend considering these questions:

"What types of systems are being used by teams you'll be competing with?"
Participants do better when they're competing with equipment they've practiced with - check and see what equipment others in your conference are using.

 "What type of activator does the player press to ring-in?"
We have two options - hand-held buttons, and buttons mounted on boxes. (see various options on our product page

"Where is the player's light?"
We have systems where the lights are in front of the players, lights are on a central console, and also on a team box. (see various options on our product page)

"How visible do the player lights need to be?
Are you using your system in a classroom? A meeting room? Or do you need more visibility (e.g., in an auditorium)?  Many of our systems are well-suited for a classroom, but we offer higher visibility lights for some of our systems (see here).

"How many players? And how are the teams arranged?"
Each of our systems has varying player capacity (see product list).
Our systems were designed for varying layouts ...
for example,
* our 10-Player system was designed for teams sitting across from one another at a conference table;
* our Deluxe System was designed for teams of players sitting at a table, but the teams are seated on different sides of the room.

  You're equipment is recommended by National Science Bowl.  Which system should I pick  for my science bowl team?

Unfortunately, there isn't a common system that's used by our Science Bowl customers.  Each one of our tournament-sized systems is used by different event coordinators and coaches across the country.

If you're just starting a Science Bowl team, we recommend that you consider our "Traditional" lockout system for 8 players, with the hand-held button option.  The price of this system is $379.  This option is attractive since
* it puts a light in front of each player, and
* it gives players the option to ring-in with a hand-held button or the button on the box.

Also, check with event coordinators to see what systems are common in your region.

  What are the options for the players to buzz in?

We have two options - hand-held buttons, slap pads, and buttons mounted on boxes. (see various options on our product page)

  Does your system make a sound?

Our systems make an electronically-generate "beep" sound. Each system has slightly different characteristics. You can get an idea of how the system sounds by watching each of the product videos.

  Do your systems lock out other players when someone buzzes in?

We are asked this question often - all of our systems accurately identify the first player who rings in.  All other players are locked out.  Ties are impossible.

An exception is two of our systems that detect the order that players ring in. Those are the Who's First system, and the 1st-per-Team system.

Placing An Order
  I have an event tomorrow afternoon.   Can my order be delivered in time?

Probably.  Provided we receive your order early enough in the day to process it and have it ready to go out with that afternoon's shipments.  Guaranteed, next-day delivery is available to most locations in the USA.  Shipping fees for expedites are our actual shipping fees.

It is essential that you call us directly to ensure that we are aware of the urgency of your order.  We can quote shipping prices.

  If I order today, how long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please allow 1-2 days for your order to be processed, then add the number of days for your order to be in-transit (please see map to see how many days your order will be in-transit, click here).  Transit times can range from 1 to 5 days.

This map shows the shipping time for our free shipping.  If you have an up-coming event where the arrival of your order is critical, we recommend that you contact us to see if expedited delivery is recommended.

We process orders as quickly as we can; however, we do not guarantee shipping or order-processing time with our free shipping offer.

  Is product in-stock?  When does it ship?

Please refer to the "availability" notice in the product's information banner. We strive to keep our products in-stock. Please call if you need to confirm availability.

  Can I use a purchase order?

Absolutely!   Upon arrival of institution's purchase order, we will process your order, ship it, and mail a copy of our invoice to your institution's business office. Our terms are "net 30"  (30 days to pay).
Purchase orders can be emailed (orders @ BuzzerSystems.com), faxed, or mailed to us.

  Can I place an order on the phone?

Absolutely!  This is usually the most convenient way to place an order when using a credit card.  When an order is processed on the phone, there is no need to fax or email any additional information.

  Can I order using PayPal?

Absolutely!   Use your PayPal account to safely place your order.  Our PayPal account is orders@BuzzerSystems.com . Instructions for paying with PayPal are at this link (click here).  When an order is paid with PayPal, there is no need to email or fax any additional information (we will ship to your PayPal account's address).

Special System Features
  Do you have a wireless system?

Today's technology doesn't allow us to offer a wireless system that is economical, accurate, and convenient to use.  There have been several attempts by other manufacturers during the past twenty years to implement a wireless quiz lockout, but the results have been disappointing.

Wireless Systems are sometimes slow to respond, require battery replacements, they're often susceptible to interference, and they sometimes require the use of a PC to show who rang in.  Wireless systems that have overcome some of those short comings tend to be considerably more expensive than our wired sets.

We are continuing to investigate wireless options. When a rock-solid (and economical) wireless design is available, we'll proudly include it as one of our products.

  I need a system that finds the order that players ring-in after the first player rings in. Do you have a system that will do that?

We have two systems that detect the order that players ring in. Those are the Who's First system, and the 1st-per-Team system.

  Does the system automatically reset?

Our systems do not automatically reset.  The player's light comes on and stays on until the system is cleared for the next question.

If it is essential that your system automatically reset after a pre-determined amount of time, please let us know - we can easily include an auto-reset feature in your system (with little or no extra fee).

  Our competition format uses a 3-second light to show us when 3 seconds has elapsed since the player buzzed in.  Do your systems have that feature?

A 3-second light is an option with our "traditional" system.  Please visit this link and look for the 3-Second Light under "Options" on that page.

If your format needs a similar light but with a different duration, we can customize a controller for you.

  Is there a way to stop players from buzzing in until after the question is read?

The Deluxe and Team-Box system have a rocker switch that disables the system; other systems can use an accessory called the "Remote Pause" switch (which prevents players from buzzing in until they're allowed).  Please click on the "accessories" tab for the system you're considering to see if the "Remote Pause" switch is an option.

  I have a special requirement for my competition - can you customize a system for me?

Absolutely!!  We have designed and manufactured custom-made systems for a wide range of customers, ranging from television stations to competitions at large trade shows.  No project is too big or too small.  Our engineering fees are very competitive.

Our custom-design service emphasizes thorough communication with you to ensure our proposal has the functionality you need. We leverage off of our existing designs and our wide-range of other custom designs to create your system --- we promise your custom-made system will be cost effective, it works the first time, and is completed on schedule.

Call or email with questions! We'll assign an experienced engineer to your project.

More Questions
  Can I get a discount since I'm a school, church, or non-profit?

We really wish we could ... schools and churches certainly deserve a discount.

However, we realized many years ago that a vast majority of our customers are schools and churches, so we keep our prices as absolutely low as we can for them.

  Do you offer quantity discounts?

Many years ago, we offered a quantity discount; but at some point we decided to price our products at the discount price so that all of our customers could benefit from the lower price.

We are the manufacturer and distributor of our products, so there is no "middle man". Our prices are honestly as low as we set them.

However, there are times where we can negotiate prices for a large number of systems (e.g., for a school district)... in these instances, there are savings associated with processing and shipping a large order to a customer (and we pass those savings on to that customer).

  I've shopped around - why are your systems so much less expensive than equipment we've been using?

(Note: this was a question we recently received from a coach with over 35 years of experience)

It's true, our products are priced lower than other company's products...
* we are the manufacturer and we sell directly to the customer -- there's no middleman
* we advocate for lower prices - we don't automatically pass along our higher operating costs
* we have never had automatic annual price increases
* our prices are proof that we are sincerely committed to keeping our prices low for our customers (who are primarily schools and churches)


We have a partner who rents our equipment. See this link for details.

If you have some unusual functional requirements for equipment you need to rent, please let us know.

  Do you ship internationally?  To APOs?

Yes, we ship internationally, and we ship to APOs.

If you are outside the USA, please contact us by email -
let us know:
* which product and accessories you're interested in, and
* your shipping location
and we will reply with a shipping quotation.

Please remember, international shipping usually incurs fees above and beyond the price of our product (we do not collect taxes or customs, or brokerage fees - those are collected by the carrier upon arrival).

  15-day Evaluation?

We want our new customers to be comfortable when they order a quiz-lockout system from us - especially if they've never used one of our systems before.

We don't want you to be stuck with a product that doesn't meet your needs. Here's a link to our policy page.

If your new system doesn't meet your expectations, return it within 15 days. No questions asked, no penalty, and no fees. If you pre-paid for the system, your refund will be issued promptly as soon as the return is received.  This policy applies to new customers only!

  Do you service equipment made by other companies?

Unfortunately, we only have facilities and parts to service our own equipment.  If you have equipment from a different manufacturer and you're unable to locate them, please let us know. We may be able to help find them (and on occasion, we might be able to repair your equipment).

  How do I order parts for my lockout system?

Please find your system on our home page, click on that product, and look for the "Support" tab.

  Can I add players to my system?

Very likely.  Please find your system on our home page, click on that product, and look for the "Adding Players" tab.

  I have an older system that needs some minor repairs. What are my options?

We service all products we have ever made - no exceptions.
We can repair parts that have worn out - but your best option (especially for an older system) is to return it for an overhaul.  During the overhaul, we replace worn parts, fully inspect all the assemblies, and do minor repairs --- all for the cost of the overhaul.

We take pride in our service and overhauls. We strive to give you economical service where we enhance the value of the investment you have in your equipment.


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