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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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Who We Are


Our Quality Policy

NED's definition of "quality":
products and services that result
 in Complete Customer Satisfaction.

We are dedicated to manufacturing Competitively Priced,
Quality Products delivered on time and professionally serviced.

We define Excellence as surpassing our customers' expectations.

Our challenge is to Achieve Excellence
in everything we do, including:


* Design *
* Manufacturing *

* Order Fulfillment *
* Customer Service *

We recognize that customer satisfaction
results in Referrals and Repeat Business.

 What do we do?
Novel Electronic Designs, Inc. -- or NED -- has been creating, manufacturing, and marketing electronic products since 1994. 

This website, promotes our Tournament Master lockout systems -- products used to identify player responses during quiz competitions (for uses in games like Jeopardy or College Bowl or other popular Game Shows).

Our products are used by schools, churches, clubs, and businesses across the USA and around the world.

 What are our products?

* Our primary product is buzzer lockout systems.
* Our secondary products are custom-designed electronic circuits.

Need a buzzer-lockout system for a tournament with a special format? Give us a call!

We are proud of our custom-designed, hand-held push buttons. These buttons have found uses in a wide variety of applications (outside of quiz games).

 Why did we start making buzzer systems?

In 1994, a quiz-bowl coach asked us to repair her school's buzzer system. Her system had required service often and she was unhappy with its reliability. A quick inspection of the system revealed that even after her system was repaired, it wouldn't keep working for long.

Rather than repair her old system, we designed and built a system to her specifications. We asked her to describe her ideal system... we listened to her requirements and designed a buzzer system having these characteristics: durable, dependable, accurate, intuitive to use, and easy to set-up & take down.

Two months later -- at the prototype's debut -- the new system was very popular and we received several orders that same day. The enthusiasm those coaches had for our new product gave us confidence to begin manufacturing.

 What's special about our products?

Experienced coaches recognize how well our systems are designed. Our systems have the features they need. We've been told by many coaches that our systems are "the best they've ever seen."

Many coaches have been repeat customers -- they know other systems are available but they come back to NED.

NED's continued role* as the exclusive supplier to the Illinois High School Association's (IHSA) Scholastic Bowl state finals tournament is a testament to the quality of our product. The IHSA won't tolerate anything less than the best -- our lockout systems provide the reliability they demand.

* NED has supplied systems to the state-level
IHSA tournament every year since 1996.

 How is NED different than
 other buzzer system companies?
NED specializes in one product: buzzer systems.

We design and manufacture the best equipment we can. We don't market scoreboards, megaphones, or question sets.

We design and manufacture our own products.

We control all aspects of our products, from design to manufacturing to final testing. Our engineering staff is focused on quiz game buzzer systems, and as a result, our products and service are first class.

The customer comes first!

As noted above in our Quality Policy, our top priority is your continued satisfaction. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers... past and present. 

 About our Company
Novel Electronic Designs, Inc. (NED) is a growing company located in scenic Chillicothe, Illinois, a community of 6000 located in central Illinois, twenty minutes north of Peoria.

NED is classified as a small business, but we're growing fast! In 2007, we  tripled our manufacturing space to make room for increased demand and three new products.

NED's founder and president has a master's degree in Electrical Engineering and is committed to using that experience and insight to create rock-solid designs. These designs - and our dedication to customer service - set us apart. The dedicated folks who build and and test our products also contribute to the superior quality of the products we offer.

If you're ever in the area, feel free to stop by! It's always a pleasure to meet our customers. We'd be glad to give you a tour of our facilities and demonstrate our latest products.


The front entrance to the facility we opened in 2007.


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About Us


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