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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $99 !!!
(to addresses in the lower 48 states)



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Payments / Shipping
General Information

Payment Terms and Options

Sales Tax & Duties

taxable (e.g., businesses, clubs, private citizens) We will collect appropriate sales tax for the purchase.
tax-exempt (e.g., schools, churches, and charities)  no sales tax is collected but we must have your organization's most-recent Illinois Tax Exemption registration number.
Customers outside Illinois (USA) We have no sales or manufacturing facilities outside Illinois, therefore we do not collect sales tax from customers outside Illinois. As with all mail-order purchases, you may still have sales tax obligations in your state.
Customers outside
the USA
Customers outside the USA may be assessed any number of fees, including: brokerage, duty, national and/or local taxes, currency conversion, etc. when your order is delivered.
1. These fees vary from country-to-country. Check with your country's importing officials to determine fees that will apply to you.
2. We do not have the means to determine these fees for you.
3. IMPORTANT! If you have a customs broker, please include their name, phone number, and fax number -- we include that information on the commercial invoice.

usinesses, Churches, and Schools (in the USA)

Payment Option


Purchase Order

We will process and ship your order upon receipt of a purchase order from your organization. NED will mail an invoice to the specified "bill to" address. 

We ask that payments be within 30 days of your receipt of our invoice ("30 days net"), but we realize that isn't always practical. Therefore, there is no penalty for payments after 30 days... but we do appreciate prompt payment! 

If an order is originally placed with a purchase order, we ask that our invoice be paid with a check. A PO can be paid with a credit card, but a 3% convenience fee will be added to the order.

Cashier's Check
(bank check)
Usually available from your bank or credit union with little or no fee.  Upon receipt of your  check, NED will ship your order as soon as all items are in stock.  Payment must be in US Dollars and drawn against a bank in the USA.
Money Order Same terms as the Cashier's Check.  Money order must be in US Dollars and have been issued by a company based in the USA.

International Orders & Private Individuals

Payment Option


Credit Card CONVENIENT!  Include our credit card form with your order (click here for the form). Your credit card information will be stored securely (never stored electronically)... all credit card forms are shredded after one year (retention time is a requirement of our card processor).
PayPal THE PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. PayPal is convenient and secure. Follow these easy instructions to pay with PayPal (click here).
Cashier's Check
(bank check)
Usually available from your bank or credit union with little or no fee. Payment must be in US Dollars and drawn against a bank in the USA.
Money Order Same terms as the Cashier's Check.  Money order must be in US Dollars and have been issued by a company based in the USA.
Money Wire Quick and very secure; takes 1-2 days for funds to clear. We must add US$25 to cover our bank's money-wire fee. We will provide our money wire information to you at time of order.
Personal Check SLOWEST. Check must clear before order is shipped. Typical delay is two weeks following our receipt of the check.  Payment must be in US Dollars and drawn against a bank in the USA.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
Click here for form.

Credit Card Form


Novel Electronic Designs (NED) offers free shipping on all orders (over $99) shipped to addresses in the USA (lower 48 states). Additional fees apply to Canadian, APO, international, Alaska, Hawaii, and expedited orders.

Typical transit times are shown on the map at the bottom of this page. Please allow processing time for your order; NED makes every effort to ship in-stock products the next business day following the receipt of your order, but there may be exceptions (holidays, product availability, etc). The carrier for all free shipments is the discretion of NED.

A nominal shipping fee applies to orders less than $99. These fees are listed on the order forms.

Expedite service is available when you must receive shipments quickly or you must have them by a specified date. An additional, non-refundable fee is applied to the order (see our refund policy) to cover these additional shipping fees. An NED customer rep will have details for shipping time and fees when you call to discuss your order.

Revised February 2013: We no longer routinely use UPS for Canadian shipments - all shipments to Canada are processed via the postal system, priority service. We will not use parcel post. This impacts Canadian shipments in three ways:
(1) modestly increases the initial shipping cost (overall cost is lower than UPS since there is no brokerage fee at time of delivery)
(2) increases the transit time (typical increase is 5 business days)
(3) in-transit tracking is less effective than UPS

AS NOTED, the big benefit is that you will not be saddled with the "brokerage fee" levied by UPS at the time of delivery -- so your net shipping cost will be lower than it was with UPS.

If a customer insists on UPS or FedEx service, we will gladly comply, but please be aware that:
(1) we must provide quotation for shipping fee at time of order
(2) we take no responsibility for any delays in customs (regardless of the reason cited by the carrier) -- we will not issue shipping-related refunds unless the carrier issues a refund (which is unlikely). NO EXCEPTIONS.
(3) If you refuse the package, you are still responsible for all shipping-related expenses, including: shipping, customs processing, and return shipping for the package.

The following map shows approximate transit times for
 packages sent via UPS Ground (our "regular shipping" mode).

UPSgnd.gif (12673 bytes)

Alaska and Hawaii transit times may be longer
than the time indicated on this map.


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