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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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System Controller SC400
for Team-Box & Chain-Link (gen 1)  systems


Picture shows side that faces moderator.

The heart of the Tournament Master lockout system is the System Controller. This device monitors the player and team modules. When someone rings in, the controller emits a tone and locks out the other players.

No ties are possible! The System Controller uses a high-speed microprocessor that -- with our exclusive Player ID circuitry -- instantly identifies who buzzed in first.

Industrial-grade circuit designs are used throughout the Controller to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.

Our Buzzer has 2 tones!

* higher-pitched "beep" when a player on
   team A or C buzzes in
* lower-pitched "beep" for teams B & D.

The buzzer has a 2-position volume control on the rear panel.

* loud - the buzzer is loud enough for a large room
* soft - quiet enough for a classroom.


How it Works

Here's how the controller connects to the team and player modules.

Team System
Team Modules

Deluxe System

iii-2-schematic-sm.gif (4266 bytes)

300-2x5-schematic-sm.gif (4576 bytes)

Notice that in both applications the Controller is
connected to each team with one long (15 or 30 foot) cable.
Controller Front Panel

  Power Indicates System is powered.
  "Run" This LED lights while the system is waiting for a player to "buzz in".
  Bonus A-D These LEDs indicate which team has buzzed in.  These LEDs make it easy to know which “bonus” button to press after a player has answered a question.
  Mode Set to RUN during tournament;
PAUSE disables system during breaks and intermission.
  Bonus  Press pushbutton to cause all of one team's light bulbs to light (e.g., during bonus question).
  Reset Press this button to reset the system so that it’s ready to identify the first player to "buzz in".
Controller Rear Panel

  Power Plug in power pack connector.
  Timekeeper Plug a pushbutton into this connector and press it when time has expired for a question.  Time-out buzzer will sound and all players will be locked out.  This connector can also be connected to the optional timer (click here for details).
  Reset A pushbutton plugged into this connector has the same functionality as the front-panel reset pushbutton (PB5). Very convenient for the moderator.
  Player Module
Connect the long player module cables to these connectors.  Any -- or all- of the four connectors may be used.
  Volume Press this button to toggle buzzer loudness between loud and soft.

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