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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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Tabletop Timers


We have two different Tabletop Timers
for use with our
quiz game buzzer lockout systems.
Not sure which timer is right for you? See below.









  This is our original timer, intended for competitions where timing of the individual questions is important. The timer we offer - called the Timer 300 - can be configured in two ways:

Configuration #1:
* Timer Pauses when player buzzes in

Configuration #2:
* Timer Continues running when player buzzes in  (
compatible with the Illinois High School Association format).

This timer features 3 pre-programmed timers that can be quickly selected during a tournament.


This timer was developed for use in competitions where the overall timing of the match is critical - and timing of the toss-up and bonus questions is important, too.

This timer was designed specifically for Science Bowl, but can be used for  tournaments with a similar format.

Special emphasis on this timer's design was ease of use -- a vast majority of a tournament's timing functions can be managed by the hand-held remote.





Timer that

(5 min)

Timer that
Continues Running

(4 min)






Match Timer

(6 min)

Details - alarms, setting times
(6 min)




Detailed Information
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Detailed Information
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Question: How do I choose a timer?

Choosing between the "match" timer and the "question" timer depends on one thing:
 is the duration of your competition timed?

There are many competitions where the number of questions asked during a match is limited by the time available. Therefore, the total time remaining in the match is just as important as the timing of each question.  For these applications, we recommend our MATCH timer - which times both the match and each question.

For competitions where a fixed number of questions is asked - where timing for each question is important but the overall duration of the match is not critical - we recommend our QUESTION timer.


All of our tabletop timers
share the same features:

* Bright 2-inch digits that are easy to read across a large room
* hand-held Remote Control
* Sturdy Carry Case
* Two Year Warranty




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